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How the Winston & Friends Orthopedic Bed Changed Bella’s Life

Stéphanie tells us how our orthopedic beds changed the life of her 8-year-old dog, Bella, who suffered from joint problems.

“About 2 years ago, Bella, my 8-year-old girl, started suffering from joint problems.

I noticed that she had less desire to play.

The walks were shorter.

She had difficulty getting up.

So I started giving her supplements and massaging her every day to relieve her pain.

It made a good difference in the duration of the walks, but I still found it extremely difficult to get up after a long nap on my old cushion.

So I started looking for orthopedic dog beds to relieve his pain.

I've tried several on Amazon, Costco (its old) and online stores on the web.

They were mostly designed with polyester (plastic) padding. Like our decorative sofa cushions, let's say.

Even those who talked about memory foam contained so little that it made no difference.

I was a little tired of spending for nothing.

And that's when everything changed. I saw a Facebook ad for Winston & Friends dog beds.

At first, I was like, “Okay, yet another one who advocates memory foam in very small quantities.”

But what hooked me was that they made their "beds" (what they call them) by Matelas Houde, a renowned human mattress manufacturer.

So I decided to try it. I had nothing to lose with their 100 day satisfaction guarantee.

When I received it, I immediately noticed that the quality was really superior. REALLY more memory foam than the others.

At first, my dog ​​was hesitant to go on it. I decided to wash the cover so that it would take on my scent and leave his favorite toy on it following advice from the Winston & Friends team.

That's where everything changed.

After the first night, she got up very quickly (for a dog with joint problems).

I couldn't believe it.

Bella was excited to go outside to pee.

Wow. I was won over.

It's a bit of a strong expression, but his bed has really changed his daily life.

She definitely has less energy than before, but she no longer has difficulty getting up.

Enough that I bought another one to have one in the living room and in the bedroom.

And what I also love is that the covers are easily washable and do not accumulate bad odors.

I never write testimonials, but I absolutely had to share my experience.

Thank you Gabriel and the Winston & Friends team!” Stéphanie L., Winston & Friends customer.

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  • 😷 Does not retain hair & odors
  • 🧽 Machine washable
  • 🛡️ The most durable on the market
  • 😌 Relieves joints with the comfort of memory foam

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