About Winston & Friends

About Winston & friends

Where it all started

When my girlfriend and I brought Winston to his new home for the first time, we quickly realized that all the dog beds on the market...

❌ Were not durable
❌ Were difficult to wash
Were not comfortable (very cheaply designed with polyester fiber)
😷 Accumulates hair and humidity
Became snowy after a few weeks

We said to ourselves that all good dogs deserve better than a cheap cushion.

And quite frankly, we deserve to feel good at home too (and not that it smells like a wet dog).

After going through 3 cheap cushions, we teamed up with Matelas Houde, the #1 mattress manufacturer in Quebec according to Protégez-Vous to develop its latest dog bed for life.

Dog bed comparison

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Eco-responsible Design with Houde Mattress

Our dog beds are made with recycled memory foam and latex from the manufacturing of human beds at Matelas Houde, the #1 mattress manufacturer in Quebec according to Protégez-Vous.


All dogs deserve a good home

We believe that all dogs deserve a good home.

Unfortunately, many dogs still do not have access to a good family and are abandoned every year.

For this reason, Winston & Friends is committed to supporting local animal shelters and families in need by providing them with comfortable, orthopedic beds from customer returns/exchanges while contributing monetarily with a portion of the profits made each time. year.

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