Le Choix de l'Orthopédiste : De la Dysplasie à la Découverte du Confort Ultime
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The Orthopedist's Choice: From Dysplasia to the Discovery of Ultimate Comfort

‟Since I was young, I have always loved animals, they have always been the center of my world and I have always dreamed of having a dog.

Early adulthood I decided to make my passion for animals my job, I graduated from my animal health technique at 20 years old.

1 year later, Bliss came into my life. Why did you call her Bliss?

The word Bliss in English means absolute happiness, and with her arrival that is what she brought me.

1 year later, during his sterilization, the veterinarians suspected a hip problem on the x-ray.

The radiologists recommended repeat X-rays when he was two years old, at the end of his growth.

So a year later, we repeat the x-rays and the diagnosis is made. Bliss is dysplastic.

To get more help and advice, we will consult an orthopedist a few months later who gives us several tips, in terms of supplements, but also about comfort.

He tells us that her comfort must come from where she sleeps, quality memory foam is highly recommended.

After several searches, several tests, we came across Winston & Friends dog beds , a Quebec company that manufactures orthopedic memory foam beds.

Bliss has everything and falls in love with her new bed.

As soon as we unboxed it, she rushed to try it and loved it!

During the evening and during her supper she remained comfortably lying there!

We tried it ourselves and... oh boy! We could easily fall asleep there! 🤣

Even Bloom, her cat, spends her days lying on it when Bliss is at daycare. (shhhhhh 🤫 say no to Bliss)

Now, Bliss has found her bed that will follow and support her for the rest of her life! —Kyana, Winston & Friends Ambassador

His last dog bed, guaranteed.

  • 😷 Does not retain hair & odors
  • 🧽 Machine washable
  • 🛡️ The most durable on the market
  • 😌 Relieves joints with the comfort of memory foam

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