Le Secret des 3 Médailles de Bronze de Kinaï et Émie aux World Agility Championships
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The Secret of Kinaï and Émie’s 3 Bronze Medals at the World Agility Championships

Since I had Kinaï, my dream was to participate in an international agility competition.

We present to you Kinaï 🐶 and Émie.

They are our ambassadors, but above all, they are among the top in the world in canine agility.

In 2023, they participated in the World Agility Championships in London and won 3 bronze medals. 🥉🥉🥉

Because of their performance at the worlds, they will be part of the Canadian agility team and will represent the country again at the World Agility Championships in April 2024.

And that's why they need your help. (details below)

In this short article, Émie tells us about everything it takes to compete at the highest level in agility.


A typical week of training usually includes 2 agility workouts. Depending on the time, the space and what we have to work on, the duration of these workouts differs. At the moment, we are working on specific obstacles to improve their execution (eg: slalom and balance).

But it doesn't stop there. To do agility competitively, Kinaï must be in top shape. So we take gentle walks almost every day, in addition to doing 3 canine fitness workouts per week. This therefore allows us to maintain adequate muscle mass for our sport, while limiting the risk of injury.

Diet & Supplementation

In addition to kibble, Kinaï receives several food supplements. Our favorite is tonus+ from baci+: it allows Kinaï to keep joints healthy, to have better recovery and to contribute to good intestinal health.


“We know that for athletes, it is as important to train as to rest.”

Recovery plays a very important role for canine athletes.

At the human level, we often hear that at the highest levels of competition, everyone trains hard.

The difference is in the recovery. How quickly you recover so you can train at full speed quickly is the biggest differentiator.

It's the same thing for canine athletes.

"Kinaï, she loves her Winston & Friends orthopedic bed. With its memory foam, it is very comfortable and essential for her recovery."

There is also the washable aspect of the bed.

“Kinaï is a dog who goes running in the woods, in the mud, in the river, so it happens quite often that the cushion is dirty.

It's really easy to wash, something I had a lot of difficulty finding in other cushions from other companies."

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Émie told us that it costs around $5,000 to participate in this competition. (Flight, hotel, meal, competition, etc.)

Even when you're one of the best in the world in dog agility, it's not a sport that pays a lot (even at all).

So that's why we decided to give him a little helping hand. ✊

From February 16 to 23, 2024, to support Émie & Kinaï's fundraising campaign, we are offering:

💰 10% off the WHOLE store with code Kinai10

😇 10% of sales will be donated to Émie & KinaÏ for their fundraising for the World Agility Championships in April 2024

💌 A personalized thank you postcard from Émie & Kinaï will be sent to you

This is therefore a great opportunity to be able to save on a dog bed, an additional cover or a waterproof mattress protector in addition to supporting a Quebecer in her dream.

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