All dogs deserve a good home.

As we speak, animal shelters are overcrowded.

And this is due to the large numbers of animal abandonments. 😢

Did you know that in Quebec, we hold the record in North America for the highest number of animal abandonments?

According to the Association of Veterinary Doctors of Quebec (AMVQ), approximately 500,000 animals are abandoned each year in Quebec.

Read that again. 500,000! 🥺

Several of these animals will be euthanized because they have not been found a family.

In Ontario, the law prohibits animals from being allowed in homes, precisely to counter this scourge.

In Quebec, we are considered by the American organization “Animal Legal Defense Fund” as a paradise for animal cruelty.

This is totally unacceptable. 😡

To help the cause, $5 per bed sold at Winston & Friends will be donated directly to organizations that contribute to adoption in ethical animal shelters.

By joining the Winston & Friends movement , you also contribute to helping us in this mission.

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Right now, we're just a small company.

But with your help, we will grow and be able to make a bigger difference each year.

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