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Tips for Getting Your Dog to Adopt His New Dog Bed

Sometimes it can be difficult for your dog to adopt his new cushion, especially when a habit has been created on the old one or he is used to going on the couch.
If your dog doesn't want to lie down on his new bed, here are some tips that may help:

1. Remove your old cushion

Dogs are animals of habits. Even though it's less comfortable, he'll still go on it if you keep him in the room.

2. Wash the cover

Wash the cover with your usual detergent. The process will replace the smell of new with your scent, which will comfort him.

3. Place his favorite toy/doggie/soft toy on the bed

Once again, we rely on comfort. The goal is for him to play with his favorite toy or doggie on the cushion.

4. Sit with him on his bed

While sitting on his bed, pet him, brush him (if he remains calm and does not struggle), give him his favorite toy.

5. Arm yourself with patience

It may take some time. Some adopt it when they take it out of the box, others after a few days or weeks.
If, however, after all these steps maintained over 14 days, your dog still does not want to adopt it, you can return it to us in accordance with our returns and refunds policy.

His last dog bed, guaranteed.

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